I was born and then I decided I wanted to be a journalist. Journalists get to ask the questions. That's a lot of power. At eighteen, right at in the middle of my career, I was very lucky to work for the oldest and largest newspaper in Nicaragua. It was my very first job and I have to say this is where I learned the ethics of work, which basically means it's pretty much when I started "adulting"  A few years later, I had the privilege of working  as a TV presenter for the top rated TV station in my country. For three years I was part of its morning show and newscast. This was an extremely unique opportunity to learn and earn the audience's respect and appreciation. 

After spending almost two years working in the first online newscast in Nicaragua, I felt it was time to pursue a master's degree. I moved to Costa Rica, where I found the University for Peace. Little did I know this was going to change me beyond the professional level. Studying in the smallest and mos diverse university in the world gave me the academic knowledge, but more importantly, the inspiration to become a journalist truly committed to peace and human rights. This is the purpose behind INDI Media CR, to offer my skills as a journalist who is aware of the need for more ethical content, who believes in a crosscutting peace and human rights perspective, especially in Communications as a key factor to create a better society.